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About Kirkwall, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, Scotland, UK)

About 20,000 people live on the Orkneys. Most of them live in the principal towns of Stromness and Kirkwall.

Kirkwall is the biggest town and the capital and administrative centre of the Orkney Islands. The Orkney archipelago consists of 70 islands and skerries. Of the islands, 17 are currently inhabited. Kirkwall is situated on the main island and boasts several attraction of historical interest.

What to do in Kirkwall

Island hopping is a very popular activity and if you really want to explore the Orkneys you can make mini cruises or crossings by ferries to the other islands. Orkney Ferries' services make it possible to fully enjoy Orkney's renowned archaeology, fabulous wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

The smaller islands are great wildlife watching spots, out at sea or on serene hills and shores, and all boast rich and interesting flora and fauna. Many travellers return again and again to enjoy the modern hospitality and ancient culture. The pleasant slow pace of life, the exciting scent of wildflowers, the warm hospitality of the people, the pure air, and the mysteries of the spectacular standing stones all make a visit to the Orkney's an unforgettable travel experience.

Tourist Attractions

The must-see attractions in Kirkwall are the St Magnus Cathedral, the Orkney Museum, Wireless Museum, Grain Earth House and the Bishop's Palace. In the town's heart you'll find the St Magnus Cathedral, and its spire and tower are widely visible across both sea and land. The cathedral was built in memory of St. Magnus Erlendsson. Situated adjacent to the Cathedral are the ruins of Earl's Palace and the former Bishop's Palace.

The town boasts two museums: housed in one of the finest preserved town houses - dating from the 16th century is the Tankerness House Museum. The museum has a collection of items related to the interesting local history. The prehistoric, Viking and Pictish collections are of international historical importance. Another fascinating museum is the little Wireless Museum, providing insight in the history of recorded sound and radio. Grain Earth House is situated on the town's west edge, surrounded by industrial and modern constructions. This ancient prehistoric monument is a deep underground, short low stone-walled passage, which leads to a little pillared chamber.

Kirkwall Port

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